What we do

Megamattic looks at websites as digital real estate; every website is a digital property.

Similar to the world of real estate, the online world is highly fragmented and full of digital properties that have unrealized potential. The overall value and cash flow of a website can be significantly increased when you put it in the hands of a professional team, just like the value of a piece of real estate can be significantly increased by a professional team.

The purpose of Megamattic is to acquire a portfolio of underperforming websites that are currently owned and operated by individual owners/managers, and improve them. We increase traffic through search engine optimization, we make the user interface better through intuitive design, we improve conversion rates, and we improve the technical performance of the site itself. These improvements are done by one single team of digital marketing experts working side by side, and who have decades of experience. We know how to significantly improve a website’s revenues.

Our vision is to create a portfolio of hundreds of websites. And, our goal is to improve the value of our portfolio 5x-7x. Additionally our model is scalable for the foreseeable future.

So, we’re very excited about what we’re doing.

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