Yes. We are fully compliant to work with accredited investors.

Our model is to take websites and “rehab” them; like digital real estate. We buy websites that have great fundamentals (but not great revenue) and increase their revenue. We do this through a combination of digital marketing techniques which rank the sites higher in search engines. Our goal is to increase a website’s revenue by 5x-7x in 3-5 years.

The next important part of our model is to acquire a portfolio of websites. This gives us the benefit of economies of scale. It also hedges any risk that any single site may have.

We think of our model as being similar to a REIT, but with websites.

The global market for affiliate websites (the kind that we acquire) is $17 Billion and growing year-to-year. It is a highly fragmented market, and we see no short-term limit on how many sites that we can acquire apart from raising money.

There are a few leaders in the space, including Red Ventures and the Purch Group. But, the majority of the $17 Billion affiliate market is highly fragmented, being mostly comprised of countless individual owner-operators.

The most difficult aspect of the Megamattic business model is raising money for a model that most investors are unfamiliar with. Very few investors understand the affiliate marketing world, and require a degree of education.

Currently, AI is an enormous boon to our business, helping us create high quality content for the websites that we acquire. However, it is a fast-moving and revolutionary technology, and we’re excited to pivot to take advantage of the new opportunities that it brings.

The founding team at Megamattic includes internet marketing and finance veterans, with 10+ years experience, specializes in SEO, CRO, UX/UI and analysis of digital marketing ROI.

Our vision for the company is to create a portfolio of 100+ websites, managed by a team of 7 people.

Give us a call to talk about how that translates into a very interesting ROI for our limited partners.

We are raising money in 3 separate tranches. In the first tranche, we are raising $800,000. This will be used to acquire 5-10 websites, and to cover overhead expenses. We anticipate being cash flow positive by month 9, and will never need additional investment for overhead.

Tranche #2 and Tranche #3 will be used exclusively for acquiring new sites.

We are an “eat what you kill” venture. Our investors’ money isn’t going to support our staff for very long.

We are owned entirely by the co-founders currently, and we’d love to discuss equity with you. Give us a call.

We have a private debt offering that includes a preferred return to investors as well as an additional return based on fund performance.

You can request our Private Placement Memorandum which discusses terms in detail by clicking HERE.

Our plan is to grow the portfolio of websites for a period of 5 years. During that time, our investors receive quarterly dividends. At the end of the 5 years, we will sell the portfolio and distribute proceeds accordingly.

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